Homework = Games

Let's practice...


1. ... typing (in October)

Dance Mat Typing - complete all 4 levels and become a top typist. Get a diploma!

Keyboarding Games - practice as you play (or play as you practice)

Typing Adventure - practice your speed and accuracy



2. ... reading (in November)

Make a word with AN

Make a word with AT

Make a word with the silent E


Make a word with IG

Make a word with IP

Make a word with I...E


3. ... vocabulary (in December and January)

A Classroom

Fruits Memory Game

Animal Maker

A Clown's Face



4. ... writing (in February)





Click here to practice.


5. ... describing clothes (in March)


Dress Up a Zombi (for boys and girls)


Hallowen Dress Up Game (for girls only)